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Máy Rữa Ly Quầy Bar

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May rua ly quay bar
glasswasher with drain pump, mechanical, rack 385x385 mm, max h=25,5 cm
List Price: 1.711,00 €
Technical Data
               Model: GLB0057CN
               Dimensions: L440 D530 H670
               Kg: 32.00
               Supply: Electricity
               Catalogue Page: 286
               Volt: 230
               KW el.: 3,5
               Freq.: 50
               Phase: 1F+N
               Capacity: baskets 38,5x38,5 cm
               Production: 30 baskets per hour
Made in AISI 304 stainless steel only. • Full automatic operation. • New washing unit. • New check valve. • Double protection filter of the washing pump. • Minimal water and power consumption. • Self cleaning tank. • Rinse aid dispenser included. • Electric and hydraulic components accessible from the front side. • Insulated double skinned door. • Cycle stop with door opening. • Final rinse uses fresh water fed from the incoming water supply.


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